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Dean Bernal, Executive Director

The Marine Wildlife Foundation USA Saratoga, California; JoJo Dolphin Marine Mammal Warden, Turks and Caicos Islands; Field Director and founder, Turks and Caicos humpback whale research project; Manatee Relocation Program proposal director--coordinating advisors & consultants for future project implementation; Co-investigator for Caribbean Orca Research Project; International Lecturer and Presenter; Keynote Speaker, Wildlife Documentary filming Director; camera operator; TV host; naturalist; author of one dolphin book for children and one biography & story of a wild dolphin. Presently writing a 3rd book on initiatives for marine conservation, parks, reserves and sanctuaries for humpback whales. Further information @ www.marinewildlife.org

2005 Projects currently in production include: Publication of Biography; Legacy of JoJo, a children’s book; The Dean & JoJo Children’s Story, a Children’s Enrichment and Therapy Program, and The JoJo Documentary Film, and the documentary film, A Symbol of Change.  
2004 Co-Founder and Director, JoJo and Dean Children’s Therapy Program
2000 Implemented the first long term whale research program for the Turks and Caicos Islands. A ten-year research program, 2000-2010.
Founder and Executive Director, The Marine Wildlife Foundation, a U.S.-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with both U.S. and international programs. A wildlife, conservation, education, research, and habitat preservation foundation.
Children’s Peace Award Ceremony. Oahu, Hawaii. Millennium Young People’s Congress. Invitee, Participant & TV host for program.
1997 Egypt Dolphin Conservation Project Co-Founder. Co-Director of Documentary Video Production on Red Sea Dolphin. Worked with Tourism Department, government, private sector and local population to develop educational eco-tourism documentary on Egypt. U.K.-based film team: B.S.A.C. Robert Bulgin and Joe Phillips Production.
Founder of the Norway Dolphin Project. Developed programs for the legal protection, medical attention, public education and studies for the protection Norway’s lone dolphin.
1996 Investigation in Burma. On wildlife poaching and smuggling into Thailand. Independent field project conducted to accumulate footage and photos of wildlife smuggling. Made all arrangements and contacts for expedition and worked with Burmese military for infiltration. Our Materials confiscated upon departure.
Field and program director of “Atlantic Response Team.” For disentangling humpback whales in the Caribbean, specifically the Turks and Caicos Islands. Coordinated the AMY PROJECT consisting of whale tracking, design and fabrication of equipment, and international communications for whale rescue efforts. A Born Free Foundation Project.  
Japan Toshima Dolphin Project. Co-Founder with Circlet Company of Japan. Public relations and presenter to large venues, along with the small islands of Toshima. Established Protective Dolphin Project in Toshima Islands and worked in Izu Peninsula for education and reevaluation of fishing practices and developed programs for campaigns against dolphin slaughter. Promoted education programs on wildlife
1995 Belize Tourism Department. Initiated program for developing protective measures for the Belize Dolphin Project. Featured in Belize Eco-tourism videos.
1993 Bellerive Foundation. Keynote speaker and presenter for presentations and media appearances for fundraising and conservation events. Base Office in Milan, Italy and field project in Turks and Caicos Islands.
Founded the Italy Dolphin Project. Consisted of legal protection, medical programs and public education programs. Initiated programs for future research. Worked with public/community and private sectors, the government, the tourism department, and local school programs.
1992 Co-Founder and program development for the Free Spirit Trust. Working with children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses, a UK.-based foundation. Developed an ongoing program to provide these young people with their “wish” to visit the islands and learn about wildlife.
Consultant to Dolphin Projects in Ireland and Brazil. Emphasis on medical and legal protection; public education and research.
1991 Set up JoJo Dolphin Project as a distinct entity to provide for JoJo’s specific medical and legal protection, as well as to provide for the safety of other wild cetacea through specific public education outreach programs.
1990 Into the Blue Project- consultant to the United Kingdom-based project to repatriate and rehabilitate the last of the UK’s captive dolphins: Rocky, Missy & Silver. Field project based in Turks and Caicos Islands. Reference: Into the Blue video, 1993. A Born Free Foundation Project, WSPA, HSUS, Bellerive Foundation, PRIDE, and Mail on Sunday.
1989-current Appointed Special Warden for JoJo the Dolphin. Duties including legal and medical protection for JoJo, habitat protection, education for wildlife protection, JoJo in particular; consultant on sanctuaries, parks and reserves in the Turks and Caicos; serves as international “ambassador” for Turks and Caicos cetacean populations and local habitat protection.
Received the first National Park Warden Appointment for Turks and Caicos. Advisor to Turks & Caicos Islands Ministry of Natural Resources & the Ministry of Communications & Tourism. Worked with tourist and local public and government implementing the park systems.
1988-1991 1988-91 Marine Program Director for P.R.I.D.E (Protection of Reefs and Islands from Degradation and Exploitation). Coordinated the Development of Land and Marine Parks, Reserves, National Parks & Historical Sites in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Full-time responsibility to lead the development 33 Parks, Reserves, Sanctuaries and historical sites--more than any other UK dependent territory in the world.
1986 Established a residence in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
Began long-term study & project for JoJo the Dolphin. Dive Instructor, water sports coordinator
Graduated University of California, Santa Barbara B.A. in Communications & Sociology, with emphasis in Environmental Studies, strong interest in marine & environmental issues/courses.
1984 First visit to the relatively unknown Islands of the Turks and Caicos. First introduction to a small pod of dolphins, one of which would be known as JoJo the Dolphin.
1981-1986 President and Founder of High Energy Sports. A wildlife and habitat education and travel program. Conducted Eco-adventure trips in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii & Colorado. Trips ranged from mountain biking, mountain climbing, repelling, hiking, backpacking, hang -gliding, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, motorcycle tours, & survival expeditions.



  Born: September 2, 1962 San Jose, California.
Early interests included nature and the environment, conservation, marine mammals, and extensive ocean swimming and diving. They are now both career and leisure activities.


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