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Research Expeditions

Join Dean Bernal, featured in both Into the Wild: Dolphins with Robin Williams and in the Academy Award-Nominated IMAX film, Dolphins, for his Winter Expeditions to collect data on humpback whales in the Turks and Caicos. You won't just observe; you will experience, and physically be involved in, carefully orchestrated in-water encounters with the great humpback whales while collecting valuable information that will be used to protect and understand the species. You don't have to be a researcher to join us, but you could certainly be one of our guests or sponsors. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to further your own personal explorations of the mind and body.

You will enter their mysterious calving and mating grounds near a virtually unknown island--next to the Columbus Passage, north of the Silver Banks-which have been studied by Dean Bernal for over fifteen years. He will introduce you to the world of exploration and his field studies, featuring one-on-one encounters with these intelligent and magnificent creatures. The information we collect will help governments worldwide develop their future management and protection guidelines for migratory species, and nowhere else is this combined with encounters with these whales.

This data will be made available to the Oceanographic Museum of Natural History in Monaco; the Royal Geographical Society in London; the University of California Research Archives; and the Audubon Society. Over the years, Dean Bernal's work has influenced the Turks and Caicos government's highly praised proactive park and sanctuary programs. The International Whaling Commission has pinpointed the Turks and Caicos as having "outstanding potential" as a whale-watching destination.

You can be involved with such diverse kinds of interaction & study as:

You can even work with the latest state-of-the-art underwater camera equipment to help document whales. Not interested in collecting data-but would like to join us in the water with whales, or just watch from the boat or beach? You are more than welcome!

You will not only be able to join Dean on his expeditions in and above water, but you may also attend his lectures and multimedia presentations during your stay.

Who are our guests? Old and new friends--both professionals and amateurs. Our guests range from those who seek private exclusive escapes and those interested in the scientific aspects, to those interested in the spiritual. But all of our guests have a passion for exploration, wildlife, and pure unspoiled places.

Both adult, professional & family groups welcome---and are scheduled separately-by request.

All contact with whales & wildlife conforms to Turks and Caicos special permit guidelines. Dean's expertise as a documentary expedition guide and wildlife consultant enriches your whale encounters. With his 15+ years of living with and studying cetaceans-up close and personal-Dean can provide you the opportunity for a whale experience of a lifetime.

The Dolphin, Whale, & Marine Wildlife Foundation is a U. S. 501 c3 Tax Exempt Foundation; and any contribution is tax-deductible.

Accommodations & Arrangements

Do want the feeling of landing on a castaway island surrounded by turquoise blue waters & powdered-sugar sands?
Do you want to simply experience the sea & the whales & the endless sky of this quiet corner of the Caribbean?

Then let your mind & body experience the mystery of the whales & the silent evenings lit by the star-filled skies.
Let Dean Bernal introduce you to the "experience that will Change Your Life Forever."

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