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Dean Bernal is available to schools, school programs, educational groups and clubs. He has presented for all levels of schools, Colleges and Universities, school team fundraising projects, girl scouts, educational and fundraising programs and numerous international school programs, clubs and associations. He is available to come to your program or develop a program for you to accomplish fundraising initiatives or educational goals.

2. Educational Internships--Individuals who are seeking educational opportunities may contact us for our internship programs. Your college or school may contact us for providing you with college credits for your internship participation.

3. Documentary Film Program Internships--Specifically designed for students or the enthusiast who would like to excel in camera and wildlife filming experiences. It is the only program in the world that offers filming experience with humpback whales. Film schools are encouraged to contact us directly for group and student programs.


1. Storytelling Seminars--Children’s hospitals, special care facilities, elderly care programs, and recovery seminars, and private home visits for kids too ill to travel, or economically disadvantaged families.

2. Video Programs-- Our videos can be used for personal therapeutic use and can be independent of our therapy programs.

Therapeutic programs can be held on island or in private venues or in other countries. Dean introduces clients to wild dolphins, whales, and other forms of wildlife both in lectures and on expeditions. This is a wonderful experience for those seeking an experienced guide in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Past programs have included clients from as Far East as Japan who to those from as far North as Scandinavia seeking program implementation in their home community. Please explore our sample Enrichment Proposal written by one of our Foundation staff members.


Enrichment Program
Children and adult Therapy

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