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As an incentive speaker and presenter, Dean Bernal can motivate employees and executives to become involved in our unique incentive program. Your corporation can join this program through our lectures or seminar retreats. Your involvement may include everything from a matching gift program made available to your company, to active employee programs, to corporate competitions that provide media and promotional exposure for your company. We start by providing a multi-presentation via PowerPoint and digital video. Dean will introduce you to an incentive fulfillment program he guarantees will never be matched in experience and excitement, and you and your company’s participation starts with the following incentive presentation. Your company can choose to participate in one or all of the following programs offered.

1. A Two Hour Seminar-- on values in the work place and business place. Meet Dean Bernal at your conference center for your company seminar. Boost achievement and motivation efforts through this highly effective approach to employee involvement and corporate structure. Slides/PowerPoint and Video projection and handouts. This is an interactive program.

2. Company Whale Naming Program--Meet the baby whale your company may have adopted in our “Name a Baby Whale” corporate program.

3. JoJo Collection Incentive & Gift Program--for your company Executives and employees. Excellent for holiday corporate gift programs for employees. The JoJo Collection is specifically designed for executives seeking the gifts that are of exceptional value and quality that is diverse enough for all your employees and all their family members. See our JoJo Collection or corporate catalogue.

4. Retreats & Expeditions--Dean Bernal has developed a target program for employee and corporate executives. The retreats are educational, challenging, and certainly a once in a lifetime experience.
He’ll introduce you humpback whales near deserted islands where you can help him with his research. Please see our whale Program/retreats on this web site.

5- Yacht/Boat Charter--Dean Bernal is also available to private yacht and boat charter programs for weekly increments of seminars and adventure travel. Our clients have come as far as Japan and Scandinavia for private trips in requested countries.


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