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A Symbol of Change

(15 min. film)

By Dean Bernal, Stephen Marino, Elsa nature Conservancy Japan and Circlet Co. Japan

This very powerful and moving documentary spans the world and challenges the lives of two people from different cultures and beliefs. A Japanese fisherman, whose family for generations hunted and killed dolphins, reaches beyond his borders to find change. He is inspired by the amazing relationship between a man, Dean Bernal, and his dolphin companion, JoJo, who live amongst the powdered-sugar beaches and turquoise waters of "the forgotten islands."

Together they share a passion and will to survive all obstacles. They will forever change the fisherman’s way of thinking, and enlighten him about a dolphin’s true nature as an intelligent and sentient creature. The fisherman invites Dean to his village in Japan and bestows upon him a special gift. The gift is such an unprecedented and meaningful gesture that its acceptance is an honor that surpasses the challenges of divided cultures.

The film has both shocking undercover footage depicting the fate of thousands of dolphins juxtaposed against footage of Dean and JoJo’s compassionate and lifelong bond. This heart-warming story is not advised for children due to the graphic footage. But, bring a box of tissues to better experience the empowerment of great joy, but also the crimes of sorrow. The film has an excellent and life-moving ending.

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