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Welcome to the Marine Wildlife Foundation!

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and understand Marine Mammals and their habitats by enhancing our knowledge through exploration, research, education, and documentary filmmaking.

The Marine Wildlife Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) grassroots organization dedicated to the research and preservation of dolphins, whales, and indeed all wildlife. Through our exploration and research, the MWF produces documentary films, books, and lectures to fulfill our primary objective of education. By educating the public, especially the young, and by sharing our research with universities and wildlife organizations around the world, the Marine Wildlife Foundation joins the international movement to ensure the survival of our oceans and of its most magnificent inhabitants.

The Dean & JoJo book is now available in German from Amazon.com!

Although the Online Store is temporarily closed, you can help support our efforts by making contributions through our modified storefront, which has been adapted to accept contributions through PayPal. The shopping cart is used to "purchase" contributions.


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